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UVLayout can be run as a plugin to any application that knows how to talk to it. Its still the same GUI and hotkeys as the stand-alone UVLayout, but file IO is handled through special interface plugins that run inside the application, saving you from having to load and save OBJ files by hand.

When in plugin mode, some additional buttons appear at the top of the main GUI.
Set Load Options 
Manually set the options for loading the file sent to UVLayout from the controlling application. Many of these options can also be controlled by that application though.
When you have finished working on the loaded file, click the Send button to transfer the results back to the controlling application.
Script Record / Stop 
Click the Record button to save your GUI buttons presses onto a script file, then these can be played back via the plugin mode's CMD file. Click the Stop button to stop recording. This function allows you to develop scripts to drive many of UVLayout's functions externally (e.g. shell packing).

For further information, see the UVLayout Plugins forum.

Maya Plugin

The Maya interface plugin is included with all current releases of UVLayout. If a Maya installation is detected, an Install Maya Plugin button will be shown in the About UVLayout window.

Click this button and a file selection window will appear, where you need to select which installation of Maya you want the plugin files installed into. Next, click the Install Here button and the plugin files are copied into their appropriate folders. You can then exit from UVLayout, start Maya, and you should see a UVLayout shelf. Further details on running UVLayout with Maya can be found on the UVLayout Plugins forum.