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This page describes how to install or upgrade UVLayout onto Windows systems.

Workstation Installation

This section describes how to install UVLayout onto a single Windows workstation. It would apply to the majority of people wanting to install UVLayout.

1. Run the supplied iuvlayout.exe file and follow the instructions displayed to install UVLayout.
2. If this is the first time you have installed UVLayout, you will need to activate it by cut'n'pasting your license key into the keys file. Instructions on that are here.

Known Problems

  • Edge picking doesn't work on some ATI Radeon cards. UVlayout doesn't like Anti Aliasing in Super Sample mode, so set that to Adaptive mode or deactivate it in your display adapter card's properties panel.
  • UVLayout crashes under Windows 7. Right click the desktop icon to get to the Properties window, and check the Compatibility mode; it should be disabled, or at least set to "Windows Vista", not "Windows XP".
  • UVLayout hangs after running if Avast antivirus is installed. Give the UVLayout executables full access in the Avast application settings.
  • Very poor drawing performance. See the OpenGL preference.

Server Installation

The rest of this chapter only applies to sites with multiple licenses that want to share a single central installation of UVLayout across several Windows workstations. By doing this only one copy of UVLayout needs to be keep up to date. This is different to floating licenses, but is usually run in conjunction with them.

Note: This requires UVLayout v1.16.12 or later to work with UNC server paths.

On The Server

1. If an older version of UVLayout is already installed, first remove it by selecting "Programs -> headus UVLayout -> Uninstall UVLayout" from the Windows Start menu.
2. Run the supplied iuvlayout.exe file and follow the instructions displayed to install UVLayout.
3. Create a server.bat file in the UVLayout install folder, substituting \\Server\Apps\headus UVLayout v2 Professional below with the location of the UVLayout install folder, and substitute lserver with the name of the floating license server (may or may not be the same as the file server). If floating licenses aren't being used, leave that line out of the BAT file.
@echo off
set HEADUS_HLSERVER=lserver:11668
"\\Server\Apps\headus UVLayout v2 Professional\howin32.exe" -launch %1

Note: This technique will also work with a non-Windows file server. Install UVLayout onto a Windows PC first, then copy the entire installation folder from that system onto the file server.

On Each Workstation

Create a desktop icon that runs the server.bat file. If you specify Run Minimized in the icon properties, then a DOS window won't pop up each time you run the BAT file.

To load files into UVLayout, just as with a local installation, users can then drag'n'drop OBJ and UVL files onto the desktop icon.

Fix For UNC Problem

Some actions within UVLayout (e.g. clicking on the View User Guide button) run a Windows CMD.EXE shell. When UVLayout is run via a UNC path, these actions will fail because of a "feature" within Windows that stops CMD.EXE from starting in UNC folders by default.

You can read all about it here:

The fix is to run regedit, and under the registry path ...

         \Command Processor

... add the value DisableUNCCheck REG_DWORD and set the value to 0x1 (Hex).

This will need to be done on each workstation running UVLayout.